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MarketSol provides Offset (Industrial Participation, Industrial cooperation) solutions worldwide.
MarketSol creates an individually tailored program and fulfilment plan for each client based on client specific industrial cooperation case and commitment requirements.

Offsets can be defined as provisions to an import agreement, between an exporting foreign company, or possibly a government acting as intermediary, and an importing public entity, that oblige the exporter to undertake activities in order to satisfy a second objective of the importing entity, distinct from the acquisition of the goods and/or services that form the core transaction. The incentive for the exporter results from the conditioning of the core transaction to the acceptance of the offset obligation.


MarketSol acts as representative and partner for both foreign companies and for the Israeli Industry. The company promote business cooperation, trade agreements, purchases of products and fulfilment of offset (Industrial Participation/Cooperation) commitments.

MarketSol partnered with leading international companies including: ABB from Switzerland, MAN from Germany, Babcock Borsig from Germany, Elbit from Israel EPICOS from Greece and US, Canadian and European based companies.

With over 40 years of aggregate experience in management, business development, sales, strategy, marketing and supply chain optimization, MarketSol's team provides cost effective services and solutions to industrial clients interested in new entry to markets and in offset solutions worldwide.

MarketSol facilitates the entry of its clients into both the International and the Israeli markets for the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, HLS, Cyber and High-Tech, Transportation, Railway, Power Generation, Climate Control and Environmental Conservation Industries.

Leveraging both the Intelligence services background of its principals and its unique methods for data-collection and data mining, MarketSol offers Industrial Participation and Offset solutions worldwide.

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