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Experts in International Marketing, Offset, Competitive and Actionable Intelligence and Tenders Search Services.

MarketSol provides Offset (Industrial Participation, Industrial cooperation) solutions worldwide.

MarketSol also assists clients in designation of products for Defense and Dual Use per the EAR, ITAR and other US Export Control Laws. We consult and support our clients during the process of getting registered as US suppliers (CAGE/NCAGE) Code and obtaining ECCN designations for their products.

MarketSol also offers Competitive Intelligence services, providing clients with relevant information about international tenders and worldwide business opportunities. As well as, Competitive and Business intelligence reports about new markets and technologies.

Joshua "Shuky" Eyal has 35 years of experience in management, business development Offset, Competitive Intelligence, sales, marketing and supply chain management. He has a B.Sc. degree from the University of The State of New York, USA.
Shuky served as an officer and director of a technical intelligence unit of the IDF. During and after his military service, he was recruited for several long-term missions to the United States on behalf of various governmental and industrial organizations. His last position was head of the US office of Soltam Ltd.

Under his management, MarketSol acts as a marketing and competitive intelligence consultant to many companies and has led to the signing of international sales contracts totaling about USD 1 billion.

Eyal has extensive, proven experience in B2B and B2G international marketing in Europe, Asia, South and North America.

Eyal acts as representative and partner for both foreign companies and Israeli Industry and facilitates business cooperation, trade agreements, purchase of products and fulfilment of Offset (Industrial Participation/Cooperation) commitments.

Shuky was one of the founders of the IAI's business intelligence system and previously ran IAI's business intelligence center in the United States. Mr. Eyal is serving as a trusted provider of competitive intelligence and international tender opportunities for many years.

Mr. Eyal serves on the board of IPLMA- The Israeli Purchasing and Logistics Management Association. He also serves as a member of the Tenders Committee, and served on the Business Development Companies Board, The HLS and Aerospace, and the Automotive and Subcontracting Boards of the Israel Export Institute, for many years. Shuky is also a well-liked lecturer and presenter in many forms.

IGOR EVDOSIN - Senior Analyst
Igor Evdosin is a Senior Professional Information Specialist. He holds an M.A. in Informatics, from the Department of Information Studies, Bar-Ilan University. Igor is a graduate of the John Bryce School of Internet Marketing.
Igor is fluent in Hebrew, Russian, English, and Computer Languages. Igor has been working for the company since 2015 and also serves as a senior analyst on tenders and business opportunities and as an analyst and team leader in writing intelligence and marketing reviews.

Igor has extensive experience as a guest lecturer in marketing informatics, research, and information analysis. He is proficient in databases in their diverse fields: business, technology, innovation management, medicine, law, patents, health, social sciences. He is especially concentrating on   security and defense issues and HLS.

Performing competitive intelligence work and monitoring information online: market research, locating patents and intellectual property rights, preparing position papers and business plans. Igor is preparing quantitative and comparative reports for policy formulation and preparing information for business plans and presenting them in an infographic format.

As Senior Information analyst at MarketSol, Mr. Evdusin is locating and analyzing international business opportunities, tenders, and international projects. He prepares market research, preparation of reports, and tactical and strategic reviews which includes: locating market opportunities, distributors, products, R & D developments.  Igor serves hundreds of companies in Israel and worldwide by means of an integrative and proactively cloud based system using keywords and international definitions of products for procurement (CPV).

Igor Evdusin.jpeg
Mr. Gabriel Golomb retired as Acting Director-General of the Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA), State of Israel, Ministry of Economy, in 2014 after serving 37 years at the ICA. As Acting Head of ICA and Deputy Director-General of ICA in the past Mr. Golomb was responsible for Israel’s global Industrial Cooperation activities Worldwide.
Mr. Golomb holds an MBA With a Specialization in International Marketing from Tel-Aviv University and a B.Sc  in Mechanical Engineering, from the Technion, Haifa, Israel.

Today Mr. Golomb is engaged as an independent consultant to Israeli and foreign companies in the areas of Industrial Cooperation, fulfilling offset commitments and export promotion.

Memberships held by Mr. Golomb are the DKF (Deutsches Kompensations Forum) and the Israeli Purchasing & Logistics Managers Association (IPLMA).

Golomb is a Lecturer on Industrial Cooperation and Offsets, in many organizations.

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